Hello. My name is Bryan :)

The first half of my summer was spent working in Minnesota.  On one of my afternoons off, I went into a cafe where the girl smiled at me, introduced herself by name, and took my order.

On my birthday, I went to a place called Terrapin station in Nevis for a concert.  When I walked in, a girl smiled brightly at me and introduced herself to me by name (Jenna), asked me if I was from out-of-town (yes), and pointed me to the concert, where I met another lady who also introduced herself to me by name.  I returned on a different day, and it turns out that these two people are part of the family that runs that business.  Jenna asked me my name again (and I had to ask hers again), and we started up a small conversation.  The mom came in a few minutes later and remembered me by name as well.

I love that.  I also love that the bikes weren’t locked up on the bike racks, and that the band felt comfortable leaving the box of money with a note which read “make your own change” by the CDs they were selling as they performed.  I also liked the relaxed traffic.  What I love most, though, is how friendly and personal everyone was.

Then I came back to Arvada, and after fighting disappointingly heavy traffic, I visited my old favorite fast food restaurant Chipotle, and though everything was exactly as I had remembered it, I was very disappointed with the experience.  Chipotle is good, but not worth the money.

I miss the slow paced personal touch of the towns where I spent the last two months…

I’ve learned to talk to people that I didn’t think I could talk to before (people who seem quieter than me), and now, thanks to Jenna and company, I’ll try to introduce myself to more people.  Thanks Jenna…

“Hi, my name is Bryan! :)”


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