“Smiley” Faces

Sometimes when I’m writing letters or notes….actual handwritten things, I get the urge to insert sidways smiley faces, like “:)” or “:P” or “:D” or “:-)” or “;)” or “;-)” or “^_^” or….well, you get the idea.

I guess drawing smileys, in and of itself, isn’t that bad….but the fact that I want to draw them sideways on a handwritten paper is, well….a sign that I’m on myspace to much : P < – – See?


One Response to ““Smiley” Faces”

  1. Shanna Says:

    Ha!! That’s funny… I bought some old fashioned dip pens a few days ago and wrote a friend of mine a letter with them, writing like Bilbo does in LOTR, and wow.. it was really hard. LOL.. I think the letter is 2 paragraphs.. 😛

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