Trust strangers

How much do you trust random people?

I was studying at the library at my school, downtown….huge library, when this guy who was studying near me walked over and asked me to watch his stuff while he used the bathroom.  I had no problem with that, and it didn’t seem that odd at the time, but then I realized….it is a bit odd.  I didn’t know that guy, at all.  It was probably pretty obvious that I was a student, though, and not one of the homeless guys walking around (which we plenty of,  on our lovely urban campus).

At my old school, if I was studying on the top floor the library, and I got thirsty, I would go to the bottom floor to get some white hot chocolate….leaving my stuff where it lay, on the top floor.  This isn’t my old school, though.

How much do you trust completely random people?  Is that something you would do?

I might write a real blog one of these days…. 🙂



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